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17 February 1969
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Katsuragi-san NERV no kawaii bishoujo hai!
Aussie who grew up in France mostly.

aerospace, anime, antoine de saint exupéry, anxiety attacks, art, ascencion, asian film, asperger's syndrome, australia, baiser, battlemech, beaches, bettie page, bipolar disorder, black hair, blade runner, blue submarine, boobs & brains, brain waves, bunny rabbits, captain harlock, cayce, champange, chess, chi, clairvoyance, cleavage, coincidences, computers, connections, consciousness, cowboy bebop, croissants, curvy girls, curvy women, cyberpunk, disability rights, dogfight, douglas adams, dreams, erotica, esp, extended mind, eye contact, fate, fishnets, flying, food, fractals, france, francophonie, french culture, french kissing, gaming, garter belts, garterbelts, genius, ghost in the shell, ghosts, goth, graphic novels, haibane renmei, hardware, hypomania, i ching, ian banks, insomnia, intelligence, internet, intuition, joie de vivre, karma, la vie, languages, last exile, les bons mots, life energy, literature, lithium, manga, marko rodin, mechwarrior, mental health, mini skirts, mood disorders, motoko kusanagi, movies, music, neon genesis evangelion, oceans, overload, paranormal, perceptions, phenomena, philippe djian, philosophy, precognition, programming, prophecies, psychiatric disorders, psychokinesis, psychosis, sailing, sanity, sci-fi, shikasta, skiing, skin, skull-and-crossbones, sleep disorders, snoopy, software, song, soulmates, space, spanish, steampunk, stilettos, stress, style, sydney, tarot, telekinesis, telepathy, thigh high stockings, twin souls, victor hugo, virtual skipper, vixens, water, welfare rights, what the bleep, william gibson, wind surfing, wine, women